About Our Dean of Faculty

Jefferson Pinder is Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

一级中文免费无码专区视频区Prior to his appointment, Pinder was a professor in SAIC’s Department of Sculpture. His work provokes commentary about race and struggle. Focusing primarily with neon, found objects, and video, Pinder investigates identity through the most dynamic circumstances and materials. From uncanny video portraits associated with popular music to durational work that puts the Black body in motion, he examines physical conditioning that reveals an emotional response. Pinder’s work has been featured in numerous group and solo shows, including exhibitions at the Studio Museum in Harlem; the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut; Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam, Netherlands; the Phillips Collection; and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.  He recently exhibited in the Shanghai Biennale, and at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. In 2016, he was awarded a USA Fellowship in the field of performance and was a 2017 John Simon Guggenheim Fellow. 

Office of the Dean of Faculty

Sharp Building, 37 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 821

Jefferson Pinder, Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Maria Dunaevsky, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Special Assistant for the Strategic Plan

Arnold Kemp, Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor of Painting and Drawing
Dwayne Moser, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies: dmoser@researchonasia.com

Dawn Gavin, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies: dgavin@researchonasia.com
Paul Jackson, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies: pjackson2@researchonasia.com
Nia Easley, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies: neasley@researchonasia.com

Gretchen Talbot, Dean of Administration, Budget, and Planning: gtalbot@researchonasia.com
Molly Scranton, Associate Director of Faculty Affairs: mscranton@researchonasia.com
Isabel Garcia-Gonzales, Associate Director, Faculty Employment Resources: igarciagonzales@researchonasia.com
Geof Teague, Associate Director, Faculty Employment Resources: gteague@researchonasia.com
Maya Gopalan, Assistant Director of Academic Administration
Duangdow Arjsiri, Administrative Assistant, Faculty Employment Resources: darjsiri@researchonasia.com

Beth Wright, Chair of Faculty, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts: ewright@researchonasia.com
Raja El Halwani, Faculty Liaison, Professor of Liberal Arts: rhalwa@researchonasia.com

SAIC is pleased to welcome 13 new full-time faculty

Department Chairs 2019-20

Hennie Reynders, Associate Professor AIADO (Architecture)

Tim Parsons, Associate Professor, AIADO (Designed Objects) tparsons@researchonasia.com

Hennie Reynders, 一级中文免费无码专区视频区AIADO (Interior Architecture)

Chris Baker, Associate Professor, Art and Technology

Olvia Gude, Professor, Art Education ogude@researchonasia.com

Nora Taylor, Professor, Art History ntaylor1@researchonasia.com

Savneet Talwar, Professor, Art Therapy stalwar@researchonasia.com

Rachel Weiss, Professor and Chair, Arts Administration and Policy and Chair of the Faculty Senate rweiss@researchonasia.com

Marie Herwald Hermann, Assistant Professor, Ceramics mhermann@researchonasia.com

Amy Vogel, Associate Professor, Contemporary Practices avogel@researchonasia.com=

Anke Loh, Associate Professor, Fashion Design aloh@researchonasia.com

Lisa Vinebaum, Associate Professor, Fiber lvinebaum@researchonasia.com=

Frederic Moffet, Associate Professor, Film, Video, New Media and Animation fmoffet@researchonasia.com

Nicholas Lowe, Associate Professor, Historic Preservation nlowe1@researchonasia.com

Adam Mack, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts amack1@researchonasia.com

Gregg Bordowitz, Professor, Low Res Director gbordowitz@researchonasia.com

Dushko Petrovich, Assistant Professor, New Arts Journalism dpetrovich@researchonasia.com

Jose Rodrigues Lerma,  Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing jrodriguezlerma@researchonasia.com

Robin Deacon, Professor, Performance rdeacon@researchonasia.com

Oliver Sann, Associate Professor, Photography osann@researchonasia.com

Shaurya Kumar,  Associate Professor, Continuing Studies Instructor, Printmedia skumar@researchonasia.com

Dan Price, Associate Professor, Sculpture mprice2@researchonasia.com

Nic Collins, Professor, Sound ncollins@researchonasia.com

Karen Morris, Associate Professor, Visual & Critical Studies kmorris@researchonasia.com

Alan Rhodes, Associate Professor, Visual Communication and Design grhodes@researchonasia.com

Sally Alatalo, Professor, Writing salatalo@researchonasia.com