Correct Sitting Position at Work

10 Recommendations for Correct Sitting Position at Work

Consciously or not, workers in a day can spend more than 10 hours sitting alone. Starting from the morning going to the office, using the vehicle, working in the office, taking a meal break, traveling home and even when at home you also sit a lot. If you count there are more than 10 hours of sitting in each day. Then what are the recommendations for the correct  and safe sitting position ?

If we break down in more detail, the most sitting is done while we are working. You will be sitting at your computer or laptop for hours every day. If you have been sitting in the wrong position from the start, then the disease will develop over time. The mildest example is pain and soreness in the back area.

Therefore, for those of you who work in a sitting position either at home or working from home, it is important to pay attention to the correct sitting position. If necessary, you can apply for comfortable chairs and tables so that they do not cause disease in the future.

Due to wrong sitting position

Now who have not yet, it’s better to look at some of the diseases caused by the following wrong sitting position:

  • Prolonged fatigue

The wrong sitting position will make the body work harder by expending more energy. This happens because there are several disrupted metabolism of the body so that the body has to adapt to the situation. As a result, the body will feel more tired.

  • Prolonged headache

Headaches occur because the back of the neck muscles are subjected to high pressure for a long time due to a sitting position that is too bent. If this is done continuously, the result will be a prolonged headache.

  • Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbance occurs because the sitting position is less relaxed, which causes sleep quality disturbances. Usually you feel when you wake up from sleep your body feels achy and your body is not refreshed.

  • Disturbed mood

The wrong sitting position will cause negative feelings and cause a sense of anxiety, as a result, the mood will often be disturbed. If this continues for a long time it can cause depression for the sufferers.

  • Indigestion

Indigestion occurs due to a sitting position that is too bent so that it interferes with the body’s metabolic processes, the most common thing that is encountered is constipation. For that you can overcome it by drinking lots of water and also eating foods that contain lots of fiber.

  • High blood pressure

The wrong sitting position causes the shoulder and neck area to get greater pressure, as a result, breathing is disturbed and blood pressure can increase. If this sitting problem recurs, the result is a prolonged headache.

  • Changing body shape curve

If the sitting position is wrong for a long time, at worst it can change the shape of the spine position. Examples include scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

Correct sitting position

So that problems do not arise in the future, then what is the correct sitting position? Now in this discussion we will provide recommendations for 10 correct sitting positions. Please practice it so that disease does not arise in the future. Here’s the discussion:

1. Focus on one position

First, focus the load in one body position. You do this by sitting upright in a seating position that fits the table.

2. The sitting position must be upright

Make sure your back can lean fully on the back of the chair and the position of your feet touching the floor. If the chair you are using does not have a soft back, you can add a pillow so that your back can feel comfortable.

3. Pay attention to the position of the shoulders

When sitting in a chair, the correct position of the shoulders is not to lean back or bend over so as not to cause tension in the muscles around the shoulders. Keep your shoulder muscles relaxed and relaxed so that blood can flow smoothly.

4. Pay attention to the position of the elbows

Find the most comfortable hand position on the table. If needed, you can use special armrests or arm rests on office chairs. A comfortable hand position will reduce the burden on the neck and shoulders so that the body doesn’t get sore easily.

5. Pay attention to the position of the knees

Keep your knees parallel to your hips when sitting. If necessary you can use a footrest or a table that has a center step. If sitting without a table, use a footrest to keep it parallel to the floor.

6. The neck should be relaxed

Always keep your neck relaxed when facing a screen or a book. Find the most comfortable position, avoid the bent position for too long because it will make your neck sore quickly.

7. Avoid crossing your legs

Sometimes we feel bored with the position of our legs, without realizing it we even cross our legs for a variation in sitting. But this activity of crossing the legs should be avoided because it will increase the blood pressure in one leg. This habit also causes the load to not be in one position, only part of the pelvis supports the body. If you really feel sore you can stand or take a walk so that your feet can relax.

8. Adjust the height and back of the chair

The height of the chair can greatly affect the comfort of sitting. That is why there are many chairs for work that have hydraulics to match the height of the person wearing them. Everyone must have a different comfortable position. Adjust the height of the chair according to the most comfortable position and ensure that your back, knees and legs are all straight.

9. Adjust the screen position and computer keyboard

For those of you computer users, the correct sitting position when working is the position of the eyes parallel to the monitor. And the keyboard position is in the middle position of the monitor. For laptop users, you can add a base on the laptop so that its position can be at eye level. Make sure your torso remains straight at a 60% angle. The ideal distance between the eyes and the screen according to is 40-75 cm.

10. Take a short break

Try to take short breaks every 30-35 minutes of sitting down. You can do this by standing, stretching for a moment or taking a short walk. This is done to give your body time to rest so that it stays fresh so that it can stay concentrated while working.


That is the discussion about 10 recommendations for the correct sitting position while working. Remember that the correct sitting position is a health investment in the future, do not let your job cause illness in the future due to the wrong sitting position.

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