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5 Cool Natural Destinations in Rantau Prapat, There is Monkey Beach

Rantau Prapat is the capital of Labuhan Batu Regency, precisely in North Sumatra Province. Located between the border of North Sumatra and Riau. This area has abundant natural resources, for example in agriculture, this area is the largest rice supplier for the North Sumatra region. And also, including one of the regions as a large enough producer of palm oil and rubber.

Apart from agriculture, Rantau Prapat is also a tourist destination with no doubt about its beauty. This area has a hilly area that stretches out, making this area rich in hilly tourist destinations and waterfalls which are very promising to attract tourists to visit.

Now, for access to Rantau Prapat you also don’t need to be confused, because the city of Rantau Prapat includes the East Sumatra Trans-Sumatra road which makes this area a place for large buses to pass through to public transportation between Provinces.

In the current atmosphere of Ramadan holidays, usually local and foreign tourists will glance at various tourist destinations in Rantau Prapat, because tourist destinations in this area are still quite beautiful with their natural atmosphere and are perfect for spending holiday time with family.

The following are some of the Rantau Prapat tourist destinations that are very suitable to be visited to fill the Eid holidays with family:

1. Monkey Beach
From the name, we have been curious, what about Monkey Beach? Well, Monkey Beach is a very beautiful bathing tour, and is the most favorite tour for the people of Rantau Prapat.

Located in Padang Mahondang Village, NA IX X District, Labuhanbatu Regency, making this place very easy to find, to get to this location visitors only need about 30 minutes from the square Kita Rantau Prapat.

For its own beauty, this destination offers natural beauty that is still fresh because it is in the middle of a forest. Besides, it is also an exotic place, because along the coastline it is surrounded by quite high rocky cliffs. Coupled with the swift flow of the waterfall with the splashing of water from the rocks hitting the face, it completes the beauty of this Monkey Beach.

2. Multilevel Waterfall
It is a bathing tourist destination located in the Rantau Prapat area, precisely in the village of Hatapang. The existence of this waterfall is quite popular with tourists who want to spend holiday time with their family.

Offers a natural atmosphere that is still very natural with fresh air coupled with a waterfall with several levels that resemble a ladder, allowing tourists to climb the flow of the waterfall to reach the top.

In addition, at the bottom of the waterfall there is also an estuary of water which is very clear and shallow enough so that it is very suitable for children to play water.

However, access to this location is a little difficult because tourists have to cross the suspension bridge on the Sayur Matinggi river on foot, because it cannot be passed by vehicles.

3. Peak of Hoza Hoza
peak tourism is a hilly tour with the beautiful natural scenery of Rantau Perapat from the top of the hill.

Located in the Rantau Prapat area, it is in Kampung Yaman, Aek Natas District, North Labuhanbatu Regency, North Sumatra.

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Hoza peak tourism also has quite a variety of names, usually the local people call it Yemen Village Hill, but there are also those who give the name as Padang Lompong Peak and Telkom Hill.

Well, the interesting thing about this place is its stunning natural panorama plus several photo spots have been provided which add to the attractive impression of this peak. Usually, the visitors are more dominated by young people who like selfies.

To visit this location, tourists will usually be charged a fee of IDR 15,000 as the peak entrance ticket.

4. Manhalese Peak Manhalese
Peak is a tourist destination with a beautiful natural panorama from the top. Visiting the Manhalese Peak, tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature by installing tents on top of the peak for camping.

While lighting a bonfire at night with a cup of black coffee adds an even more exciting impression to the top.

To visit this location, it might be quite difficult for some people, especially for tourists who are coming to this place for the first time, but for those who are used to it, they may have found a good route to follow.

In addition, if you are already at the top, don’t miss to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

5. Linggahara Waterfall
Located in the Rantau Prapat area, Labuhanbatu to be precise at the end of the airport. With a distance of about 9 km from the town square of Rantau Prapat, this place is very busy being visited by tourists on certain long holiday times.

Rantau Prapat offers unspoiled natural beauty with very fresh air coupled with the splash of a waterfall that is so heavy and clear, Visiting this place is incomplete if you don’t take the time to enjoy the fresh waterfall with friends or family.

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