Smartphone Battery Lasting

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Battery Lasting

Most smartphones today do not use removable batteries. Because the battery is built into the body, many consumers are looking for smartphones with large batteries . Especially now that fast charging technology can make users more comfortable.

However, because the battery cannot be replaced, the lithium-ion cells in smartphones will eventually age and deteriorate.

The battery capacity also decreases with increasing age of smartphone usage . Then, how to extend the device battery life?

1. Don’t Believe The Myths Below

One of the battery myths that users believe is that when charging, it is necessary to empty and recharge every now and then to clear the battery memory . In fact, this is misleading when applied to lithium-ion batteries.

Partial charging when the lithium-ion battery is up to one-third capacity actually has some positive benefits for cell longevity. When almost empty, Li-ion batteries draw constant current and operate at a lower voltage.

This voltage gradually increases as the cell charges about 70 percent of its charge before the current begins to drop to full capacity.

2. Do a Small Refill Origin Regularly

Based on Battery University research, charging a cellphone in the 30-80 percent range, it makes the voltage lower and extends the service life.

The research also says, recharging even if only slightly but regularly, is much better for a Li-ion battery than a long full charge cycle.

Especially when the average modern smartphone has efficient battery technology. For example, Reno5 has a 4,310mAh battery which, if charged for 5 minutes, can play videos for 3 hours.

Charging time may vary depending on device-specific conditions or individual differences. For example, ambient temperature or decreased performance after battery usage.

3. Avoid Charging the Battery Overnight

Another tip is that users should be able to avoid charging the battery idle like at night.

Charging overnight while in the sleep is a very common habit but it is discouraged for several reasons.

First, continuous charging of a full battery reduces stability in the long run and can cause system malfunction.

Second, the battery will be at a higher voltage when it is 100 percent charged. Third, overnight charging creates excess heat caused by dissipation of wasted power.

Ideally, your device should stop charging when it reaches 100 percent capacity. Oppo smartphone vendors , for example, provide a Battery Guard feature that cuts the current when charging is 100 percent. This was presented by Oppo considering that many consumers often charge at night.

4. Do not use your smartphone while it is charging

Another tip that must also be considered is not to use your smartphone to play games or watch videos while it is being charged because it can interfere with the charging cycle.

5. Do not cover the smartphone when it is charging

One thing that must also be considered when charging is temperature. The high temperature stresses the battery and makes it lose capacity much faster than when the smartphone is used in a lower temperature environment .

The ideal temperature for maximizing battery life is between 20-50 degrees C.

Heat is a battery killer, so users should not cover the smartphone while it is charging and make sure to keep it away from hot places.

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