Ways to Overcome Bathroom Problems

5 Ways to Overcome Bathroom Problems

Vital, but often underestimated. Considered as a secondary area in the house, where cleanliness comes second.

Yes, that is bathroom, one of the service areas in the house where all activities are located sanitation takes place, from bathing to defecating.

However, with such an important role it turns out bathroom is one of the areas in the house that often causes problems.

For example odor problems, toilet clamps, slippery floors, and the appearance of small animals such as cockroaches or centipedes.

There is no problem that has no way out. Some of these problems can be solved with the right solutions.

In the following, IDEA presents solutions to problems that often occur in bathrooms at home.

1. Smelly bathroom

If the smell is coming from the toilet, it is usually due to improper installation.

So the solution is to dismantle the toilet again and make sure the connector seal has been installed properly.

Apart from wrong installation, odors in the toilet can also be caused by various things.

For example, the lack of air circulation in the bathroom.

To fix this, by installing an exhaust fan that can be made towards the outside or the ceiling of the room.

But don’t forget, often clean the exhaust fan which is often covered in dust, so that it functions optimally.

2. Slippery floor

There are many reasons for the floor in the bathroom to be slippery. For example, standing water which also triggers the growth of moss on the floor surface.

Stagnant water can be caused by the non-ideal slope of the floor, making it difficult for water to flow into the drainage hole.  

This puddle causes the floor to be slippery, moldy, and mossy. To overcome this, the previous slope of the floor had to be changed.

Ideally, the floor should have a slope of 1-3 cm from the farthest corner of the bathroom towards the drainage hole or about 1% of the length and width of the floor.

Or, to prevent slippery floor, IDEA lovers can use rubber flooring ( rubber ).

The nature of this floor is elastic and more friendly to the feet and will prevent the user from slipping easily.

3. Yellow Stains on the Floor

The appearance of the floor becomes less attractive, because there are spots or stains and crusts on the floor. These stains and scale are difficult to remove.

Spotting on the floor can be caused by poor water quality because it contains a lot of sediment. So that it leaves a mark on the floor surface.

In addition, the remnants of soap and shampoo that contain acid are also one of the causes.

To get rid of spots and scale on the floor and walls of the bathroom, you can use natural ingredients such as vinegar.

The trick, pour vinegar on the stain you want to clean, let stand for 5 minutes then rub with a cloth until clean.

This method is also effective for removing other stains such as moss, dry cement marks, dull stains, and others.

4. Pampat Toilet

Cases of clogged toilets are often found in residential areas. Clamped toilets do not necessarily happen because the product is bad and inadequate.

It could be because the condition of the pipe is dirty, be it the pipe connection, line, slope, or even the diameter is not suitable.

The solution, avoid the form of pipe lines that are too winding and too many connections.

In addition, ensure that the slope and size of the sewer pipe conforms to the existing standards.

5. Drive away cockroaches, worms and centipedes

There are three types of animals that are often present in the bathroom, namely cockroaches, worms, and centipedes.

Not only does it make the bathroom unhygienic, it also carries various bacteria and diseases that endanger the body.

To get rid of these animals, regularly clean the bathroom, down to the sidelines, at least once a week.

Then, also use a bathroom floor cleaning agent or you can also use a floor drain that has a special ball in it to keep small animals from coming to the bathroom area.

You can also use natural ingredients in the kitchen to repel these little creatures.

Such as pandan leaves to repel centipedes, salt and vinegar to repel worms. As well as lemongrass which is able to drive awaycockroaches.

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