Buttonless iPhone

Apple Develops Buttonless iPhone

Apple is reportedly developing an iPhone without buttons and ports . These rumors blew when a patent indicated that Apple was exploring the invisible button concept.

According to the patent, Apple is focused on improving the device design, as buttons or ports in general can interfere with continuity.

Reported by Ubergizmo , Monday (19/4/2021), the patent also talks about how mechanical buttons can experience wear and tear due to dirt or moisture seeping into the hole.

The patent suggests that perhaps an ‘invisible’ button could be the answer. According to Apple , one way to do this is “deflection-based capacitive sensing.”

The company said, “The deflection of the input device’s metal frame causes a change in the capacitance used to control the functioning of the electrical device.”

Apple added that the inserted device appears invisible to the user because it is made of the same material as the container in which it is located.

Will the iPhone 13 Pro have a smaller notch?

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch the iPhone 13 series in 2021. Various information leaks related to the successor to the iPhone 12 series are even more friendly to discuss.

A recent report claims to get information from company insiders, this year’s iPhone series will experience changes, especially in notch size.

Quoting a report from an anonymous source via 91Mobile , Thursday (15/4/2021), the notch where the TrueDepth sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro will be smaller.

Not only that, the body of this flagship iPhone series will also have a slightly thicker body chassis than the iPhone 12 Pro.

This is reinforced by a render image showing a smaller TrueDepth notch , and a different position of the ear speaker.

Reportedly, Apple decided to shift the speaker unit on the iPhone 13 so that it is above imaging devices, such as selfie cameras and infrared.

As mentioned above, the iPhone 13 Pro series will be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro to compensate for the larger battery capacity.

IPhone 13 Back Camera Shape

Furthermore, an image that was thought to be Apple’s new smartphone began to be widely shared on the internet.

Based on images from the Mydrivers site , Saturday (6/2/2021), it appears that there are significant changes to the rear camera module on the iPhone 13.

If you pay attention, the main camera on the new Apple cellphone is now covered by a protective glass rather than protruding like the previous iPhone series.

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