Bitcoin Price Skyrocketed, Indodax Users Joined

Bitcoin Price Skyrocketed, Indodax Users Joined

The continuing skyrocketing price of bitcoin has recently been a blessing for Indodax . How not, the number of active users of the crypto asset marketplace (marketplace) in Indonesia is 3 million.

Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said that the increase in the number of members was due to the current hype of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Indonesia. However, this phenomenon does not only occur in Indonesia but throughout the world.

“The number of members continues to increase from year to year. Indodax already has 3 million active members. Although Indonesia only accounts for 1% of the volume of Bitcoin transactions from around the world. But this indicates that many Indonesians are already fond of Bitcoin and other crypto assets, “said Oscar.

As is known a few days ago the price of bitcoin set a new record. Data from Coindesk on Thursday (15/4), Bitcoin was at the lowest level of USD 61,400.28 (IDR 893.6 million) and the highest level of USD 64,829.14 (IDR 943.5 million).

And it’s not just bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are experiencing the same thing, one of which is Dogecoin. After a brief increase of 85%, this crypto currency with the image of the Shiba Inu dog has jumped again by up to 125%.

Referring to Indodax trading data, Friday (16/4/2021), the price of the DOGE coded crypto asset this morning was parked at the level of Rp. 4,264.

The skyrocketing price of bitcoin , dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent days was triggered by the booming of Coinbase on the Wall Street stock exchange. The crypto money wallet company debut as a momentum for digital money transactions is truly considered part of the business.

Present on Telegram

At the achievement of 3 million members, Indodax created an official chat group through the Telegram application. Where in the group serves the members quickly and without having to queue to the office. In addition, it is also to avoid face to face during a pandemic.

“We have created a Telegram Group that can help members by communicating in two directions. The goal is that members are served quickly and well,” said Oscar.

Indodax also prepares many programs for the crypto asset community. For example, he held a Trading Contest in March 2021 and a Photo Contest which is currently still ongoing.

Not only limited to the crypto community, Indodax will also continue the annual Indodax Short Film Festival (ISFF) 2021 event for the film community. In addition, there will be other interesting events, such as writing competitions and others.

“We have prepared everything to target communities in Indonesia. This is not limited to the crypto community. Because we want to build the spirit of millennial children in Indonesia, especially during this pandemic,” concluded Oscar.

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