Can Parents Check Teenage Cell Phone Contents?

Can Parents Check Teenage Cell Phone Contents? This says the psychologist

When entering adolescence, cell phones become one of the personal items belonging to children. At this time, sometimes parents want to know what’s inside a child’s cellphone.

Many parents are also curious about their children’s life and interactions outside the home. One way to find out about a child’s life outside is by reading messages or viewing their cellphone galleries.

However, do parents need to check, let alone force children to open the contents of their cellphones?

Should Parents Check Teenage Cell Phones?

According to Ikhsan Bella Persada, M.Psi., A psychologist, checking teenagers’ cellphones is actually fine, as long as there is approval from the child.

“If the child refuses to give his cellphone, then ask why. Don’t force it because this can create an argument between parents and children. You also have to respect the privacy of children if they refuse to give their cell phones, “said psychologist Ikhsan.

Ikhsan psychologist recommends that if parents want to know the problem or condition of their child, then build good communication.

He said, “The most important thing is to make children comfortable when communicating with us. So that without us finding out what is on the cellphone , the child can tell the parent. This is because the trust between children and their parents has been established. “

If you continue to insist on viewing the contents of a child’s cellphone, it is not impossible that a cold war will occur between parents and children. It is not surprising that children become lazy to open up, let alone talk about the problems they are facing.

Build trust as early as possible with children. Not by limiting their space for expression, but building freedom so that they can explore themselves.

If it’s wrong, give them a warning and warning. Do not immediately scold or punish them by confiscating their personal belongings. This actually makes the child even more annoyed and reluctant to be close to you.

Tips for Monitoring Children’s Cell Phones Without Arguing

According to Psychologist Ikhsan, there is no specific way to monitor a child’s cell phone without the risk of arguing.

Therefore, the psychologist Ikhsan recommends that you ask your child directly about things that have happened to him lately. This method is classified as more effective than checking their cellphone secretly.

“If the goal is to know their location for the safety of the child, then we can discuss and make an agreement that the parents will monitor the child. If the child is willing, then go ahead. If the child does not mind giving his cellphone to check, then please do so, “said psychologist Ikhsan.

If there is a change in the child’s attitude, don’t hesitate to ask them something. Invite the children to sit together and also learn their body gestures. The more restless the child is, the easier it is for parents to find out.

But keep in mind, the more mature the child, the more privacy they need. If today the child doesn’t want to tell a story, then don’t force them to tell.

Wait for the right time, then you ask what problem they are facing. Offer to help, and provide a solution if the child can accept it.


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