Definition of Merchandise

Definition of Merchandise and Examples for Promotional Media

Merchandise is one of the popular media used to support promotional activities.

The reason is, besides being able to increase brand awareness, merchandise can also be a source of income by selling it to consumers.

Currently there are lots of examples of merchandise that can find on the market. Usually, merchandise adorns various crowded locations from supermarkets, markets or entertainment points.

Merchandise is usually also used to introduce a new brand to the public.

So, you could say that merchandise is also one of the marketing elements that you can choose from in the marketing process in the digital age . 

Intrigued by a more complete discussion regarding merchandise? Let us discuss the meaning, function and examples further.

What Is Merchandise?

Basically, the notion of merchandise is the media used by businesses to promote the products they provide.

Of course, there are many types of merchandise that you can choose according to your needs. 

Most importantly, this merchandise is able to make potential customers know and remember your brand in the long run.

Therefore, unlike other types of promotional media, merchandise is usually in the form of daily items that are often used.

The more often people use the merchandise products that are given, of course the more people will remember the brand that you are carrying.

Various types of company elements are usually included in the merchandise itself.

For example, such as the official company colors, company logos, mascot images, taglines or slogans, to the company’s website address.

Merchandise Functions

As a promotional medium, of course, there are several main functions that merchandise has. 

Actually this function is the main goal of business people. Therefore, they are willing to spend more to make it. Among these functions, the following are some examples.

1. Introducing the product

The main function of merchandise is to introduce a product, brand, location and company mission. 

Through merchandise, producers will display elements of their company or product in the merchandise itself.

Examples of this element are not always written, but can also be images of logos and various other types of ornaments. 

Of course, the placement of these elements on the merchandise is also very much considered so as not to damage the function or benefit of the merchandise itself.

2. Expanding Network

Another function that merchandise has is expanding the network. So, each merchandise product is distributed free of charge, usually entrepreneurs are always trying to find new locations to expand their business.

Especially if the product is used daily by the recipients. Of course there is the potential for a very broad network of conditions like this. 

Anyone who sees it could be a potential potential client that you can follow up as a loyal client in the future.


The next function of merchandise is to become a means of branding for a company. 

Through merchandise products, a company’s brand can be widely recognized by the public. Especially people who are in the circle of merchants themselves.

Those who receive merchandise will automatically share their experiences with the people around them.

As a result, of course this will inspire those around him to find out about the brand of the merchandise he received.

Even if the recipient of the merchandise doesn’t say this to other people, people can still see the brand of the product when they see the merchandise that person got.

Examples of merchandise like this are t-shirts or jackets.

4. Increase Sales

Another function possessed by merchandise is to increase sales, because after all the purpose of the promotion process is to increase sales . 

When the marketing process runs smoothly and many people know the product or service being marketed, of course they will make a purchase.

Not only merchandise, this increase in sales is the goal of all types of marketing methods that exist in the world today. 

Therefore, for those of you who want your product to be known and bought by many people, there are lots of examples of merchandise to choose from at this time.

Types of Merchandise

There are many types of merchandise that you can choose from at this time. However, we can divide the types of merchandise into several categories.

For more information, you can follow on the points which we will explain below:

1. Fashion Merchandise

The first type of merchandise that can choose is the type of fashion. Usually this is the type of merchandise that is widely used. 

There are various examples of merchandise of this type. Among them are t-shirts, hats, jackets, hoodies, vests, slayers, socks, masks and so on.

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2.Merchandise Tools

Another type of merchandise that is commonly used is tool merchandise. This type of souvenir is usually in the form of daily equipment that is often used.

For example, such as glasses, mugs, plates, pins, umbrellas, nail clippers and so on. Some companies even provide stationery or matches.

3. Unique Merchandise

The last type of merchandise you can choose from is unique merchandise. Usually this type of merchandise tends to be in the form of a certain home decoration or ornament. 

It could be that the merchandise is in the form of decorations, furniture, key chains, and various other unique things.


Apart from the various options above, there are many other types of merchandise that you can choose from as promotional media in the digital age.

However, the best types of merchandise that you can use, of course, have to be tailored to the needs of each company. 

Don’t get wrong in choosing the type of merchandise, because this can more or less affect the company’s image.

Apart from that, for those of you who are currently pursuing creative endeavors in the field of merchandise production, make sure to use the website as a digital marketing medium.

There are many advantages to having a selling website, one of which is that it is easier to display model choices and can reach potential consumers globally.

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