Panorama of Colorful Tulip Flowers in South Korea

Enjoying the Panorama of Colorful Tulip Flowers in South Korea

You do n’t need to go far to Europe to enjoy the panoramic view of the various colored tulip flower beds . Travelers from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, can shorten their travels by visiting South Korea .

Tulip in Latin is called Tullipa , which is a tuberous perennial plant. This flower blooms in a variety of colors, from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, to purple.

Celebrating the arrival of spring, various cities in Ginseng Country usually hold tulip festivals . The Taean Tulip Festival at Korea Flower Park, Taean was even chosen as one of the five best tulip festivals in the world in 2018.

Apart from Taean, Goyang also offers a beautiful tulip garden. Goyang itself is a city located not far from Seoul.

In Goyang, there is a famous artificial lake, namely Ilsan Lake Park. Its existence adds to the charming scenery in a field of colorful tulips.

Adding to the length of the list, the city of Paju also does not want to lose in presenting the beauty of its tulips. In Paju, precisely at Byukchoji Gardens, a tulip festival is usually held.

Given the pandemic is still ongoing, visitors enjoy the view of this tulip garden amidst various limitations, including maintaining health protocols.

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