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Get to know Jitsi Meet, the Best Free Video Conference

Video conferencing applications are now one of the applications that are often used by most people, from workers, students to students. The case of the Covid 19 pandemic that is still in Indonesia today has prompted the government to issue WFH ( Work From Home ) and SFH ( School From Home ) policies , the aim of which is to break the chain of spreading the corona virus.

As a result, everyone is required to reduce all activities outside the home, now the solution is to use video conferencing applications. If you hear a video conferencing application, the first thing that comes to your mind is Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Indeed Zoom is the application with the most users today, but there is an option for a free and more interesting video conferencing application, namely Jitsi Meet.

How? curious about the Jitsi Meet application ? In the following, we will discuss what Jitsi Meet is, how to use Jitsi Meet and also the features of Jitsi Meet. 

What is Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a free video conferencing service without the need for an account. Apart from being free, the Jitsi Meet application has no participant restrictions and all conversations during the video conference are encrypted so that they will not be known by others.

Jitsi Meet is also an open source application like Linux, everyone can use it freely without having to pay. Jitsi Meet can support various OS such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android. So when the video conference takes place you can join from a variety of different devices.

Historically, Jitsi Meet first started in 2003 as a student project of the University of Strasbourg named Emil Ivov . Initially Jitsi Meet was a video-based telephone application, until now Jitsi Meet has become one of the best video conferencing application recommendations that you can try.

Jitsi Meet Features

Jitsi Meet has features that are no less interesting than other paid video conferencing applications, here are the features that Jitsi Meet has:

  • Autoview to the speaking user.
  • Support multiple platforms and different operating systems.
  • Supports a special text-based chat feature for web only users.
  • Lock the room with a password so that only those who know can join the meeting.
  • Shared text document based on Etherpad.
  • Screen sharing with other users.
  • Live streaming video conferences to Youtube by activating Jibri first.
  • Raise your hand or step in to pay attention to the moderator.
  • Talk time statistics for each participant, so you can know which one is active or passive.
  • Push to talk mode.
  • Video or audio only options.
  • He dialed in and out of the telephone to the conference participants by activating Jigation in advance.
  • Integration with other applications / websites.

Jitsi Meet also includes statistical features and integration with callstats.io to help developers develop Jitsi Meet even better.

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