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Here’s How to Check Ping Internet from the Command Prompt

Ping is often associated with the internet speed used. If the ping number is above 100ms, usually online games or other online activities will feel choked up or lag .

Then, how do you find out the number of pings directly? Here’s how to check ping on the connection you are using via the command prompt . Come on, follow the method Techno Liputan6 summarized below.

Before stepping to check your internet ping number , you should first check the ping connection to the part of the WiFi router you are using.

It’s easy, you need to know the IP address of the router , just type ‘ipconfig / all’ at the command prompt . Then, check the ‘Default Gateway’ section.

Important Step

Then, some data will appear about the router . However, you need to focus on the ‘Times’ section .

If the number shown is getting smaller, you can be sure that your internet has a high enough speed. After checking the ping router , you can check the ping internet network used.

The method is almost the same, type ‘ping –t’ in the Command Prompt and press ‘Enter’.

It is Google DNS which is usually used to check internet connection speed. Apart from these numbers, you can also use the website address.

Some Data Appears

After pressing ‘Enter’, some data will come out continuously. The ‘Times’ section of course changes sometimes.

When the number displayed gets bigger than 100ms, it shows your internet connection is slow. Internet network stable figures usually range in 10-60ms.

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