Profit and Loss Doing Consultation with an Online Psychologist

Profit and Loss Doing Consultation with an Online Psychologist

In today’s digital era, every ‘feature’ in living life has an “ online ” appendix . Starting from online shopping , ordering meals online , to doctors online . In fact, online psychology consultations are also available which are said to help provide solutions to mental health problems.

From one point of view, online psychologist consultation can indeed bring many benefits for people in need. As for some of the benefits referred to, namely as follows.

1. Save Time

Saving time is one of the most beneficial benefits of consulting a psychologist online .

You no longer need to make complicated and time-consuming appointments to consult with a psychologist. This is because all of these things you can do online. Just use your device or gadget in your hand.

2. Save Money

Besides saving time, online consultation with a psychologist also saves money. When conducting face-to-face meetings for consultations, of course, you need funds to pay for transportation and consulting fees.

However, this does not apply to online doctor consultations . This is because online -based services can be done anywhere with the help of devices and internet networks. You also don’t need to spend. This is because some online doctor or psychologist consulting service providers do not charge fees.

3. Quickly handled

Mental problems related to thoughts and moods need to be addressed quickly. This can be accomplished by consulting a psychologist online . Just click, vent, and the psychologist on duty will immediately provide a solution to the problem you are experiencing.

4. Identity is preserved

Because they do not meet face to face, consulting a psychologist online allows you to keep your true identity a secret. The two-way communication between you and the psychologist will prevent the information given from being spread to the public.

That is the benefit of online consultation with a psychologist. Unfortunately, these benefits can come along with adverse side effects. This can be experienced if you act too carelessly.

Side Effects of Online Psychologist Consultation

The following are some of the side effects that you can experience due to relying too much on consulting psychologists online .

  • Not Comprehensive

Psychology is a part of social science. Therefore, it is important to assess all social aspects, from small to large. This is to conclude the root of the problem at hand.

Losses that you can if consultation with a psychologist in online is the examination and analysis of the problem which is not comprehensive. That is why, your problem may not be completely handled.

  • Judgments  Can Be Wrong

Because they are not comprehensive, the assessment for analysis and concluding the problem can be wrong. As a result, suggestions for problem management will be inappropriate. As a result, the best solution to your problem will not be achieved.

  • Missing  Human Touch

In online consulting , the intonation of voice, tone, gesture, eye contact, facial expressions or affect that shows moods and reactions to an opinion cannot be judged by a psychologist.

In fact, all of these components are important for psychologists. This is a consideration to assess the problem that is being experienced by the patient.

  • Therapy is difficult

The goal of consulting a psychologist is to find solutions and help to your problems. There are several therapies that can be used by psychologists, such as psychotherapy , art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and others.

So , without face-to-face therapy, this therapy will not give truly maximum and profound results.

You need to weigh the pros and cons in online consultation with a psychologist. This is so that the solution to the mental health problem that you are facing really gets the most appropriate solution. If you have trouble consulting online , don’t be reluctant to do it in person.

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