Relapse of Stomach Acid, What Medicines Are Safe, Yes?

Relapse of Stomach Acid, What Medicines Are Safe, Yes?

When you are under severe stress and you eat irregularly, stomach acid problems can recur. This condition of course can make the stomach feel uncomfortable so that it has the potential to interfere with your activities. In such conditions, what drugs are the safest to treat rising stomach acid?

Can Take Antacids

One of the gastric acid drugs that are very easy to find on the market is antacids. This drug is used to neutralize acid levels in the stomach. Antacids generally consist of aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium tricilicate, magnesium hydroxide, and sometimes mixed with simethicone.

Reporting from Healthline , taking antacids is safe for most people who experience recurrence of stomach acid. In addition to neutralizing stomach acid, the function of antacids is to relieve the burning sensation in the chest and throat and treat bloating due to excess gas in the stomach.

Not only that, antacids can also relieve symptoms of acid reflux ( GERD ). Some of the symptoms, such as a bitter taste on the tongue, a dry cough that does not heal, pain when lying down, difficulty swallowing, and heartburn can be relieved by taking antacids. 

Types and Rules of Taking Antacids

Some antacids are liquid (suspension) and some are tablets. Just adjust it to your needs and comfort. Some people choose to take antacids in tablet form because they are more practical to take anywhere (just chew). But, when taking chewable tablets, chew and swallow the drug first, then you drink water afterwards.

Meanwhile, those of you who have difficulty swallowing, can choose liquid antacids. Before drinking, shake the drug first. Use the measuring cup that comes on the box or one given by your doctor.

As much as possible, avoid using your own measuring device such as a tablespoon as the dosage may be inappropriate and the effectiveness of the drug may decrease. 

As for people who are not recommended to treat stomach acid problems recur with antacids carelessly (without doctor’s supervision), namely people with heart failure. Because, antacids contain quite a lot of sodium, so they have the potential to experience a buildup of fluid afterwards.

Patients with kidney failure should also not take antacids independently because excessive doses can lead to aluminum buildup in the kidneys. The worst side effects, sufferers can be aluminum poisoning and experience an electrolyte imbalance. 

You don’t want to, right, the stomach acid problem gets better, but the other internal organs have problems?

Omeprazole and Ranitidine

Meanwhile, specifically for dealing with the problem of stomach acid that rises to the esophagus, such as GERD, dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini ,  said that consumption of antacids alone is not enough to overcome the discomfort experienced by sufferers.

“When someone has GERD, the drugs needed are not only antacids, but also ranitidine and omeprazole ,” said dr. Dyah Novita.

Added dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati , basically ranitidine and omeprazole have the same function, which is to reduce or block the production of stomach acid.

“It’s just that, the difference lies in the signal receiver on the stomach wall. Initially, the patient did receive one drug first, either omeprazole or ranitidine. However, if it is severe enough and to minimize the side effects of the type of one drug that has been used for a long time, ranitidine and omeprazole can be combined, “he said.

Like antacids, omeprazole and ranitidine are easily available at pharmacies. However, dr. Dyan Mega did not recommend that the two drugs be consumed without a clear recommendation from a doctor. Therefore, independent purchases are not recommended.

While taking medicines to relieve stomach problems, you should also avoid foods and drinks that have the potential to trigger acid reflux. These include foods that taste spicy, sour, high in fat, and difficult to digest. Also avoid soft drinks and caffeinated drinks. Next, eat small portions, but often.

Those are some types of drugs that can be consumed when stomach acid recurs. To get the right stomach acid medicine, of course you should see a doctor. In order to prevent stomach acid disorders, in addition to taking medication and paying attention to diet, minimize stress by exercising regularly.

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