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Tips to Prevent Eye Strain Due to Smartphone Screen

Pandemic conditions that are still occurring around the world make limited activities from home. In this condition, the smartphone screen becomes a loyal friend.

Smartphones can also be relied on for many things, from communication, work, online shopping , to entertainment.

But without realizing it, all these online activities make users face too long with the smartphone screen and make the eyes tired and sore easily.

Not to mention, blue light emitted from smartphone screens can have a negative impact on our eyes and overall health.

Among the main problems associated with exposure to light from smartphone screens , which users may often experience is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

This syndrome is also known as visual fatigue and digital eye strain . This is a term for a collection of symptoms related to eye disorders due to the use of computer-based electronic devices. For example, laptops, computers and tablets.

Symptoms that usually accompany CVS are tired or achy eyes, blurred or double vision, and red, dry, or hot eyes. Even in some cases, CVS can be accompanied by headaches, neck, shoulders, and back.

This CVS condition can be triggered due to bad ambient lighting, light emission from the glare of the screen, and sitting position while playing a smartphone .

Tips to Avoid Eye Strain

When looking at the screen, the eyes are constantly moving from one point to another and focusing for a long time. As a result, the eye muscles work hard to focus.

Another reason is that the letters on a computer or cellphone screen are generally not as sharp as in print media, so that we unconsciously force our eyes to focus more on reading them.

In addition, the flickering and light emanating from the screen adds to the workload on the eyes. Well, the frequency of the eyes to blink tends to decrease when looking at the screen, causing the eyes to become drier.

There are a number of ways to avoid these ill effects, what are they?

– Don’t play on your smartphone for hours

Change your habits when using a smartphone for hours. In this case, users should limit the time they use gadgets , including smartphones .

– Often blinks

When using a cell phone, you should blink frequently to keep your eyes moisturized while working. Use the 20-20-20 method, which is to look away from the cellphone screen every 20 minutes to stare at objects that are about 20 feet or 6 meters away for 20 seconds.

20 seconds is the time it takes for the eye muscles to relax.

– Use a smartphone in a bright room

We recommend that users use smartphones in environments with bright enough lighting.

Upright Sitting Position

– Sitting upright

In addition to bright light, you should try to sit while staring at your cellphone in an upright or leaning condition, but not while lying down.

– Use screen filters

If necessary, use a screen filter to reduce the flash of light from the screen.

– Choose a device with eye protection

A number of smartphone manufacturers are now concerned about reducing exposure to blue light which is harmful to the user’s eyes.

One of them is Oppo with its A54 smartphone which is supported by the Eye Comfort feature This feature is claimed to reduce blue light to prevent eye strain. Users can also adjust the resulting display device screen to a warm temperature to protect the eyes.

Oppo vendors have also added an artificial intelligence-based feature called AI Smart Backlight which learns the user’s habits when adjusting the backlight and records the brightness level and adjusts it automatically.

Not only that, Samsung vendors also offer a similar option called the Eye comfort shield . By activating it, the display light on the screen will be dimmed with a yellowish screen color so as not to glare.

On Xiaomi devices, they present a reading mode whose function is to dim the screen and replace it with a yellowish color display.

Huawei devices are also equipped with the Eye Comfort feature to make the screen display dimmer and yellowish in color so as not to glare in the eyes.

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