What is Technopreneurship?

What is Technopreneurship? Come on, recognize opportunities & examples

Talking about digital business, it’s incomplete if you don’t mention technopreneurship. Technopreneurship is a joint business branch between the use of information technology and conventional business, which has recently become more attractive to be involved in, because it is able to offer solutions or substitutions for goods and services for daily needs.

What is Technopreneurship

What is Technopreneurship? In general, Technopreneurship is a term commonly used to describe a business that is built on technology.

Technopreneurship has recently become an interesting discussion among young people around the world. The reason is, technopreneurship is able to open new business opportunities that were previously deemed ineffective to do.

Understanding Technopreneur

What is a Technopreneur? Technopreneur is a term used to describe someone who decides to run a business using technology.

Did you know that today’s billionaires are mostly dominated by technopreneurs? Call it Bill Gates who went on to become a teknopreneur through Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg that young age already successfully build social media platforms with the number of users almost a third of the world population of 2.5 billion.

History of Technopreneurship

As we all know, the United States is one of the countries that has a big influence in the world of Technopreneurship. How come? A series of giant companies have been born and grown in this superpower in the last few decades.

Examples of Technopreneurs from Uncle Sam’s country are Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Intel, IBM, and many others.

Technopreneur example

Real examples of true technopreneurs are the founders of Google, Facebook, Alibaba, the founder of Gojek and various other world-leading technology companies.

In business, one doesn’t have to have a global scale company to be considered a technopreneur. The reason is, to pursue this business you only need an application or website idea that is packaged to facilitate daily activities.

Difference between entrepreneur and technopreneur

Broadly speaking, technopreneurship is actually part of entrepreneurship. However, in practice, technopreneurs use technology as the main core of their business. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs prioritize conventional transactions in the form of goods or services.

In addition, the level of competition can also be the difference between entrepreneurs and technopreneurs. This happens because usually a technopreneur offers new ideas or substitutes for conventional products where the level of market competition is still low.

When viewed from a funding and investment perspective, currently several world investors are listed as showing their interest in investing in large amounts.

For example, Softbank is currently investing millions of US dollars in Tokopedia and several other startups. Then there are also local investors from the Djarum group who support funding for the Blibli.com e-commerce startup. This condition is certainly a positive signal that will allow technopreneurs to develop their ideas.

Benefits of Being a Technopreneur

1. Does not require large capital

In the technpreneur world, the most valuable capital is the initial idea, then the idea is executed by making a minimum viable product (MVP) as a market test.

All these executions usually start from the startup stage, so they can be done almost without capital. You only need to find a team consisting of Co-Founders, CFO, CTO, and business development who are willing to be paid using shares.

2. No Need for a Large Office

Technology-based businesses can generally be done anywhere, as long as there is a laptop / PC and an internet connection. The supportive team can also be arranged to work remotely from their respective homes, thus saving on building rental costs for business operations in the early days of developing companies.

3. Potential to Get a Large Valuation

Even though it has only become a trend in the last few decades, many technology startup companies have succeeded in terms of valuation. In fact, technology companies such as Gojek, Tokopedia, or Traveloka have now succeeded in surpassing conventional companies that have been running for decades.

4. Can Start From Home

Did you know that a giant company like Apple, Microsoft, Google, or Amazon started out only from the garage? technopreneurship is a matter of principle and innovation, so technology companies are that simple at first, because what is needed is only a prototype product (MVP) that can operate.


In today’s increasingly sophisticated digital era, being a businessman doesn’t have to have big capital or have bright initial ideas. However, it can also be started from courage and innovation to provide solutions to everyday problems.

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